Why NSI?
NSI Logo When computer technology was new to business, the in-house IT department was like having your own M.D. for computers on staff. Today, IT departments have become a strategic asset that is heavily involved in business planning and process automation. During the same period, the number of technologies and threats that they manage has exploded. It is no longer possible, let alone practical, to maintain proficiency in every area that they manage. As with the medical field, the IT field has had to specialize.

Equally true during this same period is businesses have learned that vendors, who cannot possibly understand their business processes and culture, greatly overestimate their ability to bring the same value to their businesses that their in-house IT assets could. Managers loathed to see this valuable asset distracted from their irreplaceable ability to add business efficiencies.

Creating secure networks is NSI’s core business. When NSI personnel create security plans and respond to security threats at other companies, you reap the benefits of that acquired knowledge. Leveraging NSI's network security experts allow businesses to free internal assets from survival mode tasks to concentrate on business efficiencies. The synergy of such a combination is obvious. Any distraction you can eliminate that prevents your in-house IT assets from adding value to your core business, is a good thing. That’s a win-win combination. Contact us today.