New York Times on Aruba Wireless Networks
After attempting to buy Aruba twice, Cisco's acquisition of wireless vendor Airespace confirms they finally realize what others have known for a long time. The design concept behind their wireless network products is fundamentally flawed. Read The Times Story
Why Aruba?
Aruba Logo Performance and mission critical performance is something all vendors claim. Scalability and manageability is what puts Aruba wireless networks in a class of their own. Microsoft and Ohio State University know there is more to cost than price. While Cisco attempts to lock you into their hardware and management, Aruba excels at interoperability. The advantages of Aruba are so compelling that companies everwhere are "flushing" their previous wireless network investments in favor of Aruba. See the Aruba advantage for yourself.
The NSI Connection
NSI Logo
Aruba realizes when it comes to tailoring an enterprise wireless network, you want more than a catalog of products. Aruba selected NSI to work with your company to achieve and exceed your wireless network expectations. Network Solutions Inc. has helped many companies, large and small, with their wireless networking needs. Aruba has partnered with us to insure you experience the best wireless network rollout and support for their leading edge wireless network products. With NSI as your partner, you can have a secure wireless network that allows you to spend time working on your business instead of your wireless network. Let's build a wireless network together that compliments your business plan. Contact Us today.