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IT Security
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Greg Kohl, vice president, IT Infrastructure, Kelly Services, Troy, Mich. "Because so many of our customers and temporary employees are remote and far from Kelly Services' brick-and-mortar offices, I would have to single out Juniper's SSL VPNs as making a big difference for us. With any browser and PC, our users can access our network with no setup and no administrative help."
Appliance Firewalls
"It's easier to explain why you spent the money to protect the network than it is to explain why you didn't." Juniper Netscreen Firewall
Six Solid Reasons to Choose a Netscreen Firewall.
  • Full firewall, VPN, and Routing in one appliance.
  • Any firewall rule can be enabled or disabled immediately with a single mouse click without waiting for a screen update, recompile, or reboot.
  • Rules can be scheduled to apply only during certain days of the week or minutes of the day.
  • NetScreen allows you to define source ports instead of only destination ports to be monitored.
  • NetScreen’s documentation is the best documentation available for any computer product, according to the users.
  • Cheerful, easy-to-understand technical support personnel, no long waits, no complicated phone menus, intelligent humans, not an outsourced service with the clueless reading to you from a list.