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Secure Computing
Central to Secure Computings products is their TrustedSource Global Intelligence Network. TrustedSource collects information on email senders and the types of email they generate by accumulating data from over 7000 sensors located in 51 countries. TrustedSource feeds its global intelligence to your Secure Computing appliance in real time. This has enabled their appliances to block up to 80% of CONNECTIONS, while maintaining a false positive rate of less than one in one million.

Consider simply the messaging aspect. The appliance does a very simple and fast IP lookup and refuses connection to any malware source.(Untrusted Source) It means that your e-mail host never receives the spam and and viruses, it means that your internet bandwidth is not used by it. After that, the Message Profiler creates a score for the message as shown here:
Anti-Spam Message Profiler
The Message Profiler is updated in real time to by users and SecureComputing to adapt to the latest threats.

The capabilities go far beyond this. It can prevent people from accessing malware and phishing sites, it can prevent people from inadvertently sending credit card information though the e-mail. You can selectively enforce policies using your network's directory services. In fact the industry awards and success stories for these products are so volumnous that it will stir sympathy in you for their competition.

SecureComputing makes a variety of products with different features to match your unique requirements. To design and assist you in implementing a solution to protect your company, contact NSI.