Anti-Spyware Award
McAfee Receives Antispyware Readers' Choice Award in Redmond Magazine's Annual Survey. Read more...
Case Study
Network Security Case Study
Bill Stgevenson, IT manager for New Century Mortgage, has a two-pronged strategy for limiting the mortgage company's exposure to unknown threats. The company never installs beta software on production systems, and it relies on McAfee to watch for attackers. Read more...
The McAfee Plan
McAfee Enterprise Security
The McAfee Enterprise system includes the expected centralized administration of desktop, server, and e-mail server anti-virus and includes monitoring and administration from a single console. However, an item that is commonly missing is detecting and preventing rogue or non-compliant connections to your network. Thus for most systems, physical access was the only requirement to join the network. Detecting there is a problem with a node after it has authenticated to your servers is a little late. McAfee allows you to detect rogue or non-compliant computers the moment they attempt to acess your network. A node can be classified as non-compliant based on the policies that you define. It could be because they don't have the latest Microsoft operating system patches or because their anti-virus software is not up to date. In any case, they can be blocked from authenticating to the network until these issues are resolved. In addition to detecting and blocking network acess by non-compliant nodes, it can be configured to make the node compliant by by sending the node the upgrades necessary to achieve compliancy. At any point in time you can view the status and update levels of all nodes on the network. The result is rogue nodes and non-compliant nodes cannot gain access to your network resources.

That takes care of preventing non-compliant nodes from acessing your network resources, but what if they become non-compliant after they connect to the network, or what about handhelds, or clandestine monitoring nodes that don't need to authenticate? McAfee can also manage a variety of Network Access Control(NAC) methodologies. NAC is not new, however, it often suffered from problems of managability. ePolicy Orchestrator remedies that situation..

Hopefully this high level view of the McAfee solution has been helpful. The system is very flexible and has many configurations and options that can be assembled to achieve the security requirements of your network. They can all be administrated from a single console. To help you put together a well designed plan for your network, contact us today.