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Enterprise security products are sold through authorized resellers, not to protect resellers, but to protect the manufacturers reputation. Unlike a PC protection package, an enterprise security solution requires the consideration of far more factors to achieve the protection required. The financial and legal stakes are also much higher. A call to NSI can save you time and money. Contact Us
Choosing a path
Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware, Anti-VirusThe magnitude of the spam, spyware, and virus problem is overwhelming. Selecting a solution to these security threats and productivity robbing pests requires holistic strategy that considers your current environment and your future plans for your network. You don't want an upgrade to obsolete your network security investment. Great protection from the outside doesn't help much if you have a trojan on the inside setting up clandestine communications with the outside. There is a lot to consider. The following are short descriptions of the advantages of both the appliance method and software method of addressing these threats link to a more in-depth page for each technology. This is not meant to be a substitute for professional consulting from an organization such as NSI that specializes in network security, but this can give you a high-level view of the technologies and their capabilities that can make future discussions more productive without having to read literally thousands of pages on the vendor's web sites. Sometimes a mix of both methods makes the most sense.
Hardware Appliance Method
Secure Computing Logo Secure Computing is the appliance-based product of choice. Since it has its own hardware and operating system, it is largely immune to issues resulting from changes made to your network. Also, no additional load is placed on your servers. People familiar with other appliance-based solutions will underestimate the effectiveness and integration abilities of the Secure Computing Appliances until they understand the technologies they employ. Explore Secure Computing Appliance-based solutions.
Software Method
McAfee Software Logo McAfee is the software-based product of choice. Not only does it support Netware, Unix, Windows, Exchange Mail, Domino Mail, and GroupWise Mail, from one console you can administer total network security across your entire enterprise. Explore a McAfee software-based solution.