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Network Security Myths
Myth #1: Hackers target big companies because they are more lucrative targets. Fact: Hackers are very seldom people that make logical decisions, but use bots that search and destroy for them. Their targets don’t need to make sense. Their pay is the satisfaction they get from knowing they successfully made trouble for you. They attack using other people’s servers that have been compromised without their owner’s knowledge. Enforcement is problematic at best, and often impossible such as when they are from foreign countries.

Myth #2: Now that we have a firewall and network security system in place... Even if threats external to your company never changed, your company changes. What about that VPN you just added so employees and vendors can work remotely? They authenticated to your server, and their communication is encrypted using SSL, but what if they have a virus? The virus doesn't need to travel to your network to damage or compromise your data. It has a properly authenticated computer to do it from.

Myth #3: The vulnerability scanner reported no security issues, so the network secure. Vulnerability scanners don't check web apps.

Myth #4: We scan e-mail both inbound and outbound so we have that covered. Did you check it for credit card numbers? Don't expect employees to know or remember that e-mail is not secure.

Myth #5: Now that we have spam under control, the biggest productivity is finally dead. True, the biggest ones now are probably instant messengers, newsgroups, and html news groups. You also can incur legal liabilities if you are paying employees and supplying the means to engage in illegal activities. Hopefully you have a well thought out and well administered policy that can withstand scrutiny.